Revit 2019 New Features – 2. View Tab

If you want to check views opened in the project file, you needed to click on “Switch Windows” icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.

But, Revit 2019 offers view tabs as a new feature above the Drawing Area part.

A View icon is displayed by a view type on the view tab, so you can easily know a view type without opening a view.

How to fix Leader Arrowhead Graphic Issue of Tags in Revit

I am not sure whether it is a bug or not, but sometimes some leader arrowheads of tags look weird in a specific view in Revit. In other views, same leader arrowheads and tags look ok, so I believe it is not a matter of the leader arrowhead itself.

For example, the leader arrowhead of the room tag is a dot, and most views do not have any problem, but it looks weird on a specific view like the image below.  

To fix this issue, you have to manually drag a blue dot control point at the midpoint of the leader like the image below. Once you drag it to somewhere, then the graphic issue of leader arrowhead will be fixed.

If you want to have exactly same graphical expression of the leader, you can simply drag it back to the original position.

DWG Export Issue in Revit – Filled Region overlapped

When you export DWGs in Revit, filled regions are not exported correctly if some filled regions overlapped each other on the views. Here is a example.

In Revit 2017, there are floors which patterns were applied, and also another filled regions on the top of those floors.


If I export a DWG file from this view, some patterns will not be exported correctly. This is what it looks in AutoCAD.


To fix this issue, you should change the Visual Style of the view from Hidden Line to Wireframe.

Once  you change the Visual Style and re-export the view, then you will get a DWG file which has all patterns are exported correctly.

Revision Schedule Issue on the Sheets

In Revit, you can choose which revisions need to be showed up on each sheet using “Revisions on Sheet” on the properties. However, sometimes some revisions are greyed out, so you cannot uncheck those revisions on the sheet. This is happening because revision clouds of those revisions are already placed on the sheet, so you have to remove or hide those revision clouds on the sheet not to show on the revision schedule.

If you cannot find revision clouds on the sheet, you have to go to View tab > Sheet Composition panel and click on Sheet Issue/Revisions icon.

On the popup, change the Show field to “Cloud and Tag” and click “OK”. Then, those clouds will be visible on the sheet.

Once you delete or hide the revision clouds on the sheet, the revision will be gone from the revision schedule.

How to change a numerical value of dimension in Revit

In general, a numerical value of Revit dimension can be replaced text only, but you can change a numerical value using Unicode. This method might be useful when you need to place dimensions for your details.

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How to place Spot Slope Dimension on Ramp

Have you ever tried to place a spot slope dimension on ramp in Revit?

You cannot place it on ramps because of some reasons, then how could it be achieved in Revit?

#1 Opt

Place a spot slope on a sloped floor first, and move or copy/paste it to a ramp. Then, the slope will show up correctly.

#2 Opt

Use a sloped floor instead of a ramp.

How to Create & Modify a Selection-Based Filter

Typically most users just use a category-based filter in Revit, but sometimes a selection-based filter is very useful if there is no rule to be applied.

Selection-Based filter allows to select elements manually and save the selection as a filter. Follow the instructions below to create a selection-based filter.

1. Select Elements which needs to be filtered in a view.

2. Go to Manage tab >  Selection panel, and click on “Save” icon to create a selection-based filter.

3. Type a filter name, and click “OK”.

4. To edit an existing filter, go to Manage tab > Selection panel, and click on “Edit” icon.

5. Select a filter to be modified, and click on “Edit” button.

6. You can add or remove elements from a selection-based filter like a group.