With more than 12 years of BIM working experience, Dongsoo Jang is a BIM Manager who is always seeking new innovations that makes information-sharing easier. He is dedicated to researching the latest industry technologies, understanding their applications, and deploying these tools, all in an effort to help the organization work more collaboratively and efficiently.

Dongsoo got the master degree(M.Arch) from Illinois Institute of Technology, and had experienced various types of BIM projects through working experience in major architectural firms like Ghafari Associates, CallisonRTKL, SOM, AS+GG, and so on. He also published a Revit tutorial book titled “Do it! Revit” for beginners in South Korea in 2016 and a Dynamo basic tutorial book titled “Mastering Dynamo Basic” in South Korea in 2019. Dongsoo has published many articles about Revit/BIM serially in a Korean AEC magazine named “CAD & Graphics”, and he became a Revit Architecture 2015 Certified Professional in 2017, Autodesk Certified Professional: Revit for Structural Design in 2019. He also got a certification for Generative Design from Autodesk in 2019, and has provided a lot of Revit trainings through working experience to improve working efficiency.

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